Sunday, 3 February 2008

this is... my collection

I collect teapots, a) because they can be so beautiful and b) because I drink alot of tea.
  • The silver one I got from a restaurant I used to work at, it's good for english breakfast with friends.
  • I bought the clear glass one at a department store in Tokyo for approx $13, it has a strainer that sits inside it too. This one is used for peppermint tea.
  • The stripey pot was a gift from a dear friend of mine for my engagement, it comes with two matching cups. I use this one for jasmine tea.
  • The pot with the floral pattern was bought from yooralla for $4... total bargain. I don't use this one, he's a bit old and precious.
  • To the left is a pot I bought from an antique store in Kyoto. It is from the meiji period, which means it is 100-120 years old. It is very fine ceramic and has one small chip in the lip, which is pretty good for an old guy. He too is old and precious... and plus way too small for a cup of tea.
  • The baby red one was bought at tablewares store in asakusa. Just because it is so cute. Again, he is just for looks.
  • And last but not least the cream pot. It has a cute sprout painted onto the side and lid. I bought it from Zakkaya on Johnston st. I use this one for my green teas, I think its my favourite too.
I'm sure I have many more teapots to collect in my time... I can't wait!


Kyla said...

What a beautiful collection of tea pots you have there. happy sunday

Anonymous said...

lovely, so nice to find a fellow tea (leaf) drinker. Love the pots, thanks for sharing

Maggie Pie said...

They're wonderful,each teapot has it's unique charm! My favourite is the cream pot too, the design of spout & handle is great.

Jenny said...

Your teapot collection is great! Iam sure you will find many more to add to these

Lesley-Ann said...

Oh I love them! They have such an Alice in Wonderland Vibe!! You have really beautiful ones!

Have a great day!

xxxxx Les