Thursday, 21 February 2008

this is... what makes me laugh

The facial expressions I could pull as a kid. Whenever I look at these photos they just crack me up! From top left clockwise... we have the: "look at me I can be gross and make my eyeballs pop out while stuffing a sandwich in my mouth", then we have the: "It's 6am and I've been caught opening easter eggs before being told it was time to", the "I'm so bloody unimpressed 5am Christmas morning" I mean really... I got a brush with the name KATHY on it, I hated being called that, and lucky last we have: "I can read Dr Seuss and do yoga at the same time, while lying on my Strawberry Shortcake beanbag"
And you will be very pleased to know that since these photos I have built a wide vocabulary of expressions. My best friend Emma always tells me that some of the most beautiful people pull the most horrible faces... I'm going to take that as a compliment!

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