Sunday, 23 March 2008

this is... my demon

I can never truly enjoy the presence of a butterfly, and how is this you may ask?
Because their sodden offspring eat my bloody basil, don't they.
The little fat leaf munchers fill their little guts with the soft fragrant leaves of my mediteranean herb, and in the process they fail to recognise that they are trespassing.
Whenever I catch the little bastards in the act, I rip them off and show them what it feels like to fly. I get quite worked up over these green killers.
I have just recently nurtured the suffering plants back to good health. You should have seen them, all bare and worn down. They'd almost given up on life itself. I've seen them through a really rough time, now they are just looking forward to ahappy future of insalata caprese and sunday afternoon brushcetta.


CurlyPops said...

I just bought that book last week for a present for my friends little boy. Bad Bad butterflies for munching on your herbs!

Jenny said...

LOL!! Mongrel caterpillars!!!
Our vege patch is looking very sad-not because of the caterpillars but because of all the heat we've had-it is still hanging in there though:)

Lonie said...

Tee hee! Great book but I can sympathise - we have had well more than our fair share of pests this summer - most of them inside the house though. Shall not go into details as it is too frightful!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Sharon said...

Hi, thanks for your kind comments about demons! You are so right about like minded people, this blogging lark has given me a push in the right direction!so many supportive people! Good luck with the munching 'pillars! sharon x

Bird Bath said...

good luck with your basil..that's all I've managed to grow this dry year. Have you tried to spray the plant with chilli water?

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Drewzel said...

I have a similar dislike of those caterpillars that seem to only have legs on each end of their bodies, with a gap in the middle...I think they turn into some sort of moth. But they're really good at destroying all the nice new foilage on my native plants. grr...

Anonymous said...

I love this book!
I think it is the furriness that gets me. they are just creepy.
thanks for sharing.