Thursday, 24 April 2008

on my desk... on a wednesday

Oh, I know it's thursday again. I would have been on time this week, honestly. It's just that yesterday blogger was being dumb.
These are the plates and glasses I purchased in Castlemaine on sunday. I've transformed them into a serving tier for a lovely little friend of mine who has a passion for making lamingtons. I think they will look perfect atop my creation. I haven't glued it together yet, I'm contemplating glue types... superglue or hardcore craft glue?


CurlyPops said...

Ooooh such pretty plates. The cake tier is a great idea!

Sam said...

Whatever you go for glue wise please let me know because your cake stand has inspired me to do my own!

Lara said...

Hah thats so cool!!

I reckon hardcore craft glue - superglue just doesn't have enough bulk and if there's any gaps between your bits then it won't fill them. My fav glue at the moment is "uhu all purpose adhesive"- pretty strong.

Oh thanks for the comment on my blog too! I'm totally leaning towards 'autumn rain' too - safe and not too cutesy. And yeah direct deposit is an option in my shoppe :)

Anonymous said...