Monday, 7 April 2008

tag... you're it!!!

I have been tagged by Big Cat to reveal 6 random things about myself. So here goes...

1. I absolutely love sparrows, they represent beauty in the sometimes mundane everyday life.

2. When I was 15 I sang at the Sydney Opera House.

3. I have been collecting Inside Out magazine since 2001, although I am missing a few issues. I also cannot bring myself to cutting them up, so they're in perfect nic.

4. I love the colour yellow, I think I got it from my mum. Whenever I see something in yellow it always makes me happy.

5. My favourite flower is the magnolia graniflora, I love the simple elegance of this flower and its sugary lemon scent. I think I shall have it as my wedding flower.

6. I was the flowergirl at my mum & dads wedding when I was four and I screamed throughout the whole ceremony because my new cousin Ji told me that my new dad was a monster and he's going to take my mum away. (that clearly did not happen, he turned out to be alright afterall) The priest at one stage asked angrily "who does that child belong to?", he must have been a little apologetic when somebody told him I belonged to the bride. hee hee and it's all on tape.

I shall now tag: Boobook, The Bird Bath, Milky & Rosie, Little Paper Bird, 16 Bluebirds & Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming

And here are the rules
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Bird Bath said...

thanks for the tag! The magnolia is such a lovely specimen...and aren't you lucky to have that wedding scene on tape.

BigCat said...

Those are great random things. I love the wedding story.

boobook said...

YELLOW is the best colour in the world!!
Can you tell its my favourite also!!
I want to see this video.