Monday, 28 April 2008

this is... my absolute favourite book

This was a hard one... there have been so many. So I have gone with two that inspire me to cook.
I have a dream... to one day go to paris and live for a couple of months. I want to compose a book of my recipes, drawings, photographs and writings. I want to go to different markets all over paris, buy beautiful fresh produce and take it back to my apartment to make something from it. I know that I can do this in melbourne too, but it is a little hard to immerse yourself fully when there is everyday things like work to consume your time.
Stephanie's book is like a bible to me, do you want to know what goes with venison? Then just ask aunty Steph. This book was given to me by three great friends.
Oh, and that is my teddy bear Victor. He was given to me when I was born, and has been much loved.


Bird Bath said...

What a wonderful dream! I love visiting markets too. They are so much more inspiring than the supermarket. Hope to see your book on the shelf someday in the future:)

Maureen said...

Seems like Stephanie Alexander is a fave in Oz. And the markets...I love to food shop when travelling and see what goes into the local residents. A good way to see who they are imho.

BigCat said...

Ooh, Stephanie was one of my favourites too. It is the cook's bible, for sure.