Monday, 5 May 2008

bizarre buildings

My parents gave me a great book for christmas, it's called bizarre buildings. I've been flicking through it lately & I though I should share some with you. They are quite strange, imagine the people that live or work in them, they must be strange too.
This one is called medium market basket, it is the headquarters for a basket company in Ohio.
Here we have "house in the clouds" in Suffolk, built to capture the "Merrie England".
What on earth were they thinking? In California, an oversized caterpillar model D6 pushing a pile of boulders.
This one is "shark in a house", owned by a radio presenter in Oxford. The shark is a statement against nuclear power & war & is meant to express the feeling of impotence...? I'm still trying to get my head around this one. He won a courtcase against local authorities, who tried to get him to take it down.
Trinity Buoy Wharf in London. These 30 recycled shipping containers are a colourful home to artists & craftspeople. They are purpose-built studios with a cheap rental price. What a fantastic way to re-use, re-new & recycle!

Have a great week everybody.


boobook said...

market basket for sure!!

Kirsty said...

Shipping containers for me.

BigCat said...

What a great book. I like the look of the shipping containers space. I think it would be interesting. I would love to visit the giant basket though.