Sunday, 18 May 2008

this is... my way of recycling & a new mode of transport

I do like to recycle, renew & re-use. There are many ways that I do these, just like most others, recycling is a part of everyday life. My favourite however, are these two things. 1. covering shoeboxes & re-using them for pretty storage &
2. keeping paper packaging from shops, florists etc, to re-use for the wrapping of presents. I don't like the whole david jones look, I prefer the vintage style paper & string look.
On another note... very exciting... I had my first motorbike riding lesson today... & I'm a natural. I was't afraid at all & I rode around an empty carpark, changing gears, stopping & starting & the like. This is the bike I was on, a 1972 Suzuki GT 185. So much fun & I am quite proud of myself. Now just to keep practising & go for my learners, then bye bye stupid trams.


Kirsty said...

Yay for the recycling & double yay for you on a bike. I like it!

boobook said...

i can't wait to see you riding around the town!!
Keep up the good work kitty!!

Leni and Rose said...

Great shoebox idea, I have many that just gather dust. I might just borrow your idea for myself! And good luck for your learners, a bike will be great, no more trams, no more stuck in traffic. Yay!

CurlyPops said...

I do the same with old shoeboxes except I cover them with pva glue and fabric.....but now I'm thinking pretty vintage paper would be even better and easier!

mel bomba said...

how fun and what a great bike to learn on.

Drewzel said...

I love old wrapping paper,and brown paper packages tied up with string too!
Aww such a cute motorbike, go you! My wee bike is still in bits :( after my husband took it apart to re-co the motor.