Thursday, 19 June 2008

"this is" update

I just wanted to make sure that nobody was feeling nervous about this weeks "this is".
Individual style, does not need to be fashionable. Fashion changes with the season & realistically imagine the cost to us and the earth if we just turfed our clothes after every season.
So yes, we all have jeans we've been wearing for years, held up by an old belt bought in our uni days, that is ripped & slowly falling to pieces. A favourite shirt that has a stain that just won't come out no matter how much you wash it, but hey it can't be seen when you put nannas old cardy over the top. The hair that hasn't been cut in months that hides under a $20 grandpa hat found at the market. To the cute designer necklace that came from your best mate for christmas in 2005.
Mismatched?, from many seasons (years more like it), unique colour combinations, whether it's designer or from the cheapo shop... if you feel good & it is comfortable to wear, then who gives a flying hoot. If you are happy in your clothes & in your skin, your smile & energy is what will draw people to you & this is your style.
And if you are not comfortable to show a photo, our lovely host has offered a great idea of finding an image on the web that depicts your style or how you would like to dress. So do not fear, there is always option B.


zoesquid said...

Gee, when you put it like that...maybe I will go for option A after all. Glad you liked your PIF gifts.

I am Karoline said...

Hey! Great outfit, challenging theme! I'll do my best. :)