Wednesday, 4 June 2008

thrifting about on a wintry morning

Did the oppy rounds this morning, good finds there were, good finds. A stack of materials were being put onto the table just as I was walking in, so I picked up a few. A sheet and pillowcase, some wool tweed, tartan & some red & white something-or-other. The lady said there was more to be put out, but is hadn't been priced yet. So maybe I'll have to go back tomorrow.A pyrex pie dish, in pink. I did see one going on ebay for $25, but this one was only $4. Too good to be true & it still has its lid.
I also picked up a handful of buttons for a dollar fifty.After the round, I popped into the bazaar to buy 3 yards of vintage french lace. This is for a book I've been commisioned to make... more on that when it's finished.
And just because I haven't posted them yet & they fit the general theme, here are the fabrics I purchased at the Alice Euphemia sale a few weekends back. They are all quite large pieces & they were 10 bucks a pop. The green one is by sheridan & the red one was a curtain so it is lined with blockout.


Kirsty said...

Oooh - great day of Opping for you Kitty.

& I totally don't get the birthday thing - sorry.

Sherrin said...

I forgot about that sale!! :o( I meant to go.