Thursday, 31 July 2008

diary entry 31-07-08

Today I walked the dog. Down through Fawkner park we went. 4 lively swallows taunted him, flying low & darting back & forth. He chased them relentlessly, trying to round them up. Their midnight blue tails glimmering in the winter sun & hints of their red chests showed as they flitted about. They were really quite beautiful to watch, I've never seen a swallow in nature before.
Now I sit at VonHaus, my first time here... I must come back. It is a welcoming room, with a warm patina. Aged walls & cherry blossoms, jars of dry goods line the kitchen shelves. I have myself a ploughman's lunch ($14), consisting of a boiled egg, aged cheddar, a piece of apple, cornichons, pickles served with some bread & butter. All my favourite things, on one enamel plate! This place gives you something the city usually can not. Old-school country charm, mixed with european hospitality & unpretentious indie-cool. The food is simple, the winelist is wonderfully eclectic & the atmosphere is comforting.
I had just been upstairs to the vintage sale I heard of somewhere around the traps. I found myself a ladies hat & a nice blue seventies collared shirt. The sale is still on til saturday, enter Vonhaus & go upstairs. There are lots of clothes, shoes, sunnies & other accessories.
After my lunch, I tottled off to pick up some new season tea from Lupicia & then off to carlton for a snip snip of the old hair.
Before making my way home, I purchased a tray of gnocchi from Dominics on lygon. This I cooked for dinner with a light sauce of broccoli, anchovy, pine nut & garlic. With a pear, parmesan & rocket salad on the side.
And to finish the day, a stint at the sewing machine to finish off a gift.


Jodie said...

That sounds like a day most delightful. (and tasty)

katiecrackernuts said...

That sounds like a perfect day and I can kinda place myself in the neighbourhood. I have a reasonably good memory for directions. Thank you for yours to Brown Owls. I will investigate further - read, convince the travelling companion, my mum, that we NEED to go.