Saturday, 5 July 2008

flashback friday...

Turn your calendars back to 1988, the year of world expo held in brisbane. It was an exciting time & I was in an exciting place. I had just started school & the whole world was waiting to be discovered by little rambunctious me.
My teacher was Mrs Frampton & I thought she was the greatest thing since I met my mum. That's her in the picture... the tall one that is, & if you look down to her right, the girl with the long blonde hair & pink bow... that's me. We were doing the hokey pokey, infront of the whole school & our mums & dads. I was a nerd, aswell as a big suck... I used to give my teacher shoulder massages... too funny.
All the other kids in my class ate glue... but I never quite understood why. Oh how I miss those days.


CurlyPops said...

What a great flashback photo...and why were your classmated eating glue? How bizarre but amusing!

Little Snoring said...

Hey, I used to eat glue. Clag, if I remember rightly, that is strange maybe that explains a few things.