Friday, 4 July 2008

this weeks thrifted finds...

This weeks finds include a CWA handicrafts book, which is so good. Look at all the stitches I could learn! There is also a section that teaches you how to sew your own leather gloves. That is my desire to start next week. Other chapters cover softies, lace making, leather bag making & how to make silk flowers. It really is too good.

The mister asked if we had a tray earlier this week & much to his disapointment, we did not. So it was my quest to find one at the oppy & find I did. The girl even gave it to me for half price because it had been there so long. We think the picture is just missing a jersey cow.

And what do you need when you need to write fast? Why you need speedi notes of course! How cute are these. Still all unused, 4 of each design. I have used one already, couldn't help myself.

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Drewzel said...

Oooh, so much goodness! i wasn't going to go op shopping after work today, but you've changed my mind!

Love your scores.

By the way, I tagged you for a music meme on my typepad blog.