Monday, 7 July 2008

weekend past...

The weekend has past one more time again. I spent it traipsing around fitzroy on the saturday. My besty & I made plans to turn her garage into our new studio. We had a late breakfast at birdman eating on gertrude st, their housemade crumpets & ricotta hotcakes are superb! To mikes we then did go, a hanging in the window for ethel elephant was in order. Down to the rose st markets, where I met the lovely holly of hokey fame. Off to wwwash for some tea and rest, only to find to our disapointment that it is under new ownership... which means no more cool guy cooking crepes... no crepes! and no good music! So I will never go there again, it was a sad moment. And after a bit more shopping, the mister picked us up in the roaring black beast panelvan and took us to the napier for a rockin burger.
On sunday, we got up before the crack of dawn to do the camberwell markets. I had a stall to sell off some unwanteds and scored a cute little brown owl for the cluhouse and some awesome vintage wallpaper that I'll have to show later in the week.
Here are some snaps of the goodness.
I made quince jalousie for sunday night dessert.
Bought this cute hook from zakkaya
Purchased these three letters from industria to spell my favourite french word.
And here is my brown owl contribution, he looks kinda spaced out... don't you think?


Lois said...

The owl is cute.
What will you use him for?

drewzel said...

What a great weekend! So much good snacking too :P
Owl is gorge, looks like my cat.

CurlyPops said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend....dontcha just love a man with a panelvan?

hokey said...

It was really cool to meet you on Saturday! Thanks for coming to say hello.

Bec said...

what a lovely weekend - sounds like my perfect weekend actually!

emma said...

That owl is watching a cockroach crawling across the floor. Yick!
He is most eye-catching!
I am dreaming of a crepe now.

Shannon said...

Spooky! I think we had the same Saturday! I went past Birdman Eating on Saturday morning on my way to the hairdresser (Fluff, just around the corner - great salon!), and remember thinking how delicious everything looked. I also checked out the Rose St Market, and even Zakkaya (where I think I saw your bird hook sitting on the counter, and maybe even saw you come in to buy it! Sometimes the world seems like such a small place!