Monday, 11 August 2008

thoughts on being cold & crafty

Wow. Such a busy weekend I had & then straight back to work today. Sometimes I wonder where the time goes.
It's been so cold over the past few days & I've in turn been quite miserable. Please let the summer come quickly, weather gods... I'm freezing. I was caught in a rain shower this afternoon... which I was quite disgruntled with. After it decided to stop however, look at the beauty that came out to cheer the world up. So here is the ginormous rainbow that headed itself over the richmond rooftops. Can you see the double rainbow in the second pic?
I had a great time at the mixtogether on saturday arvo. I received an awesome gift from the lovely fii, I'll wait til the sun comes out so I can photograph it. My book was well received by justine, apparantley it has been painted up by her man & little girl. Too good. We laughed alot, & discussed thoughts on craft & other random topics. And quite frankly, the time passed way too quickly.
I also took advantage of the sale at amitie & purchased myself a little stash of 6 fabrics, 2.5 metres in total. And because I was just too lucky, I scored a door prize, a box full of vintage sewing notions. I'll have to photograph that and the fabrics & post them too. They are superb.
So I leave you with the best part of my day today, ronnie rainbow. I've got 2 full 11 hour days of work ahead of me, then on thursday I shall be back crafting & won't have to think about work til next monday. Too good.

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Handmaiden said...

Have a great week and don't get too cold