Saturday, 25 October 2008

how i spent my friday night...

Yesterday I printed out our save the dates. So last night was spent trimming & cornering. After that I aged them in tea & dried them in the oven. I left them in the press last night, so this morning they were perfectly flat & ready to put in their envelopes. With just over five months until the big day, things are starting to happen around here. I figure if I keep doing little tasks each week, then it will relieve the load in the last few months... hopefully.


mixtapezine said...

sime and i got married on 31/03/02
it is a great time of year
I LOVE your invites, super special

boobook said...

The best invites!!!
All smiles and happiness!

word verification: phous

CurlyPops said...

That is the coolest invite I've ever seen!
My silly blog reader still doesn't show your updates and I sometime miss your posts...annoying!

fi said...

what a fabo idea!what a lovely picture you two make!

Anna said...

these are really cute

Sherrin said...

love the invites! :o)

Christie said...

Those save the dates are FANTASTIC!!!

I loved planning our wedding stuff, our invitation was a story book that started with 'once apon a time...'