Friday, 3 October 2008

sharing the stash...

So I'm a little slow to join in on this one, but after seeing some of the goodies that hide away
in the closets of other crafty girls. I thought I should give mine an airing too. I do love rambling through my stash, remembering what is in there & the little projects they have in store. Like all of you, I have a few that I'm holding onto for that special project & then a few more that I just can't cut up.
I haven't been sewing much lately as my little studio is quite small & has been taken over with book pressses, guillotines & mountains of paper. I'd like to put the sewing machine on the dining table for the afternoon, but I'm scared I'll take over that room too! So Daisy (the janome) just sits there with her little overcoat on, waitng for some one on one time with the stash. I'll bring you out soon Daisy, I promise.
Back to the matter at hand, here a few gems from my stash. These are some of my vintage fabrics...

this beauty I've shown you before, I found it at the chapel st bazaar.
I paid $20 for it but I know my future children will appreciate it, it's just too cute!

patchwork style pillowcase x2 found for a few bucks at salvos
hippo's bought on etsy from retro age vintage fabrics
the autumn leaf fabric is a soft corduroy, I purchased this & the 3 below on ebay
cute swallows & blossoms on a brushed cotton, so soft
another soft cord, the flowers are quite bright
and candy stripes, aren't they lovely. this came from an old sheet


Bird Bath said...

The candy stripes are sweet but the birds with blossom just take the cake. Hope you get a chance to craft something specail with the stash soon.

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hi Kitty.
I really like the hippo fabric. It is just too cute! I can sew but I don't enjoy it. It is too much like work for me and so I choose not to do it. I do envy anyone who is able to enjoy their sewing machine.
Thanks, as always, for sharing with the rest of us.
Have a great week.