Wednesday, 1 October 2008

wednesday ramblings...

My foot is sore and I don't know why. The past few days it's been a bit achey, but this morning I was limping. It was too late to call in sick to work, so I hobbled off into town. Only to find that by 1pm I was in excruciating pain & could barely stand up, so home I had to go. Doctors tomorrow me thinks, definately no running around in a restaurant.
I've been distracting myself from the pain all afternoon by organising wedding stuff. It seems to be taking up quite a bit of time, but we're pretty much all organised. As I'm a list girl, I've drafted up a few lists regarding what needs to be done & when, suppliers & payments & a crafty list for me & the 'maids.
I've fitted in a bit of op shopping over the past few weeks, during my blog absence. Here's a couple of treasures I've collected along the way.
A cute little tin, $3 from Camberwell market.
A pretty bird double sheet, $1 from Mecwa, Windsor.
A friend has organised us a house to stay at this weekend. It's in Kilcunda, which is close to phillip island for you know what... that's right... the moto gp. Go Rossi! I hope my foot gets better fast, or I'll be hanging out by myself in Kilcunda. I might take some granny square projects with me just in case.

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