Friday, 16 January 2009

40 days...

Yep, that's right. I have not written a post in forty long days. Many things have contributed to this... my computer deciding not to work, then my internet deciding not to work, then I moved house & had no internet. After all these things I decided on just ignoring the internet all together & taking some time out. This week though I've been inspired to slowly start replying to emails & catching up on all my favourite blogs.
This summer has been fabulous for me & I hope it's been lovely for you too.
So far I have...
  • moved into a great little house, with lots of natural light
  • celebrated christmas with a delicious lunch of lobster
  • brought in the new year with friends & a barbie on their rooftop
  • designed, printed, cut, packaged & posted wedding invites
  • sewed up a storm... swaddle sheets, zippered pouches
  • cooked & baked to my little hearts delight
  • started building a vegie garden in pots
  • walked the dogs (all 3) along the yarra nearly every night
  • went on a huge country drive, involving Corup, Beechworth, Stanley & the King Valley
  • bought & drank much beautiful wine
  • helped build a kennel
  • became an auntie to the cutest little boy
  • organised more wedding stuff... 10 weeks to go...
  • designed new ad's & business cards for Samuels' workshop
So many things I have done, it surely didn't seem like that much until now. I still have lists as long as my legs to get through. Here's how we celebrated christmas day...


Corrie said...

now that sounds busy! I had to read back to check you weren't making baby things for yourself...phew no I didn't miss anything its for your sister! sounds like fun and its probably nice to take a break

oh my new house has lots of sunlight and what a difference in photos! it has made the hugest difference to the quality of photos I take!!!

oh and yes can you imagine if this is what 2 is like for my keira what she will be like at 16....I don't even want to think..hopefully not pulling her pants off and dancing!!!

62cherry said...

I's a good life you have there ms kitty! looking forward to seeing you on the 31st
jus xx

boobook said...

hey miss kitty.
Cute things that you are sharing!!
Oh that little bundle of smell is my most favourite thing ever!!
Congrats on the new house and vegie pots and lots of dog walking too!!
brooke and moca

Maria said...

Hi there!

I found your blog by Googling "Christmas Lunch Ballarat". My inlaws want to do the same-old, same-old.. the women slave away with food prep and clean-up all day while the men eat and my father-in-law barks orders at his wife. He doesn't eat poultry or shellfish.. so I'm not having an easy time finding somewhere in Ballarat that doesn't cost the earth and caters to my inlaw's plain palate's.

Anyway.. your lobster spread makes me wish you had included about 10 more photo's and more close-up's! Lobster on Christmas day, you're a legend!

You're also beautiful.. I wish I had your figure!