Monday, 19 January 2009

diy dog haus...

Here's a pic of the dog house we constructed over the break. It only took a few hours to put together, thanks to Samuel's woodworkin skills. The boys from left are... Otto the weimaraner, Gus the midget staffy & Arthur the australian cattle dog. It's so funny living with three very different dogs. Arthur wants to round things up all the time, things such as waves, people, trucks & the hose. Gus just runs frantically non stop or sits at the door staring at you as though you are the meanest human on earth for not giving him attention. And Otto wants to be in the same room or in the hot hot sun & when there is a stick involved he becomes possessed.
We are all lying about, waiting for the man to come home so we can take a walk along the yarra. Otto will fetch the stick from the river, Arthur will round up the rowers & Gus will run flat out after nothing in particular.
Til next time...


we are the monkeys said...

Ahh cute as dogs!! Actually started a blog about our little Monkey, got a french bulldog 3 months ago. He´s a character i tell ya.
The blog is in swedish but hey...

Also put a link there to your blog, hope you didn´t mind- It´s very inspiring so you should share it ;)

Hope everythings is well with you & Sam. xox

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey Kitty!
Great looking dogs. It the one a shepherd mix or purebred? I do love the red and black colour on a shepherd.
We no longer have one and I do miss having one around the house but I don't miss spring clean up.
Have a great week.