Friday, 20 February 2009

love fridays...

Lovin friday today because my silly computer has decided to work again.
Also lovin today, for tomorrow is saturday & saturday means going to gleadall st market for my fruit & veg. Followed by pottering about the house cleaning & tidying & perhaps some baking.
I've been quite crafty this week. Remember my last jaunt to amitie where I purchased a wonderful bundle of fabrics to make a quilt for a delightful little girl... well late last night I cut all the pieces & laid them out. Sorry 'bout the crappy photo, but it was very late. This is roughly what it will look like I dearly hope. The centre piece is still being stitched up with her name, so it's on at my bedside for further work tonight. I can't wait to start sewing it up.
Below is something else that I have been working on. It's just a sneak peek, so it can remain a suprise. How's the fabric, pretty cool huh? It too is from Amitie.
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CurlyPops said...

The quilt design is fab. Simple yet stunning, and a lovely touch to have a name panel in the middle.