Sunday, 22 February 2009

pottering about...

I've just spent today pottering about. The boy & I went to south melbourne market this morning. Yesterday's market jaunt didn't happen, due to a shoot at the workshop for a motorcyle magazine. Somehow I was roped in... a shot of me & my bike will also feature in the article.
Anyway, back to the market this morning. I bumped into three of my friends, then another two. It's so nice when that happens, it makes melbourne feel like more of a community.
So after that, we came home & I've been listening to music & pottering ever since. I've managed to clean the whole house (well, except for the sewing room of course), made ggod use of the vacuum, washed clothes & dishes & still found time to bake. Here are some shots of my day.
Spotty washing in my yard, I've done four loads! I think I've been a bit slack the past week.
One of our three tomatoes has begun to turn, it is really very small.
Our lettuce is shooting for the sky.
Yum! I bought six figs today.
They really are very delicious.
Oats & friends into a bowl.
An apple & rhubarb crumble they soon became.

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