Saturday, 25 April 2009

back to craft...

This is the top of a quilt for our couch.
I purchased the fabric from the amitie sale before I went away
& while sitting on the beach in vanuatu, I drew up the pattern & made all calculations.
Today I cut & pieced the top together, I was so excited & couldn't wait any longer.
I think I'll back it with some japanese linen.
Sorry for the average pic, there's not alot of sun or warmth in Melbourne today.


Gabrielle said...

its stunning! I was in Melbourne at the begining of last week and the sun was shining everyday, then i get back to Adelaide and its torrential rain and gale force winds... great.

hope you have a great weekend and that you had a wonderful time away

X my weekend is rain and wind... which is actually good because i will be indoors all weekend except tonight.

i started up a new design blog. I hope you get the chance to have a read.

hope your weekend is wonderful

x from

SewHum said...

The colours look great together. Can't wait for the finished quilt. Are you quilting it by hand or machine

Tinniegirl said...

The quilt is lovely. The colours are gorgeous.