Friday, 22 May 2009

darn fantastic...

How good is darn cheap! It's bloody fantastic, I tell you. Surely you can tell that today was my first experience & I'm quite excited. They don't have a great range of cottons, but what they do have is super cheap. So I went a bit crazy & purchased this lot, stocking up for winter I am. Lot's of projects in the pipelines here in kittyville.

2m of each of these because a) they're gorgeous & b) $3.75 per metre
A mix & match of patterned
some red & blue, good for little boys
the 2 below aren't my style, but I'm sure I can work them into a little something
& some nice neutral plaids

1 comment:

Andi said...

Funny, the ones that aren't your style are the most like my style.
Maybe I should get down to Darn Cheap myself.
Nice haul!!
Andi :-)