Sunday, 31 May 2009


As I find myself yearning more & more for the country, I'm also trying to build my knowledge on all things related. This weekend I've been devouring my latest purchases. My reference library is slowly building & I know you can only learn so much from a book, I hope to be referring to these books for years to come.
A Year in a Bottle is full of recipes for preserves, including jams, cordials, chutneys, dehydrating & sauces.
A Slice of Organic Life tempts you with introductions to a range of organic interests. From keeping various livestock, to growing fruit & veg & making your own household products. It really is just a slice & further research will be needed into it's various topics, but for now it will do just fine. A great inspiring read.
Organic Vegetable Gardening covers a broad range of veggies. Containing tips on everything from planting, to pest control & practical designs; it is quite comprehensive but easy to understand for the novice gardener. It is a Gardening Australia production, so already it has won me over.
If you know of any similar books that are worth a read, please let me know their titles.
Have a great Sunday everybody.


Lark said...

Hello! That's a nice choice of books. We moved to the country three years ago and have never looked back, it's a great place to be. The Organic Pharmacy by Margo Marrone is another book I like, and books about making bread, especially by Dan Lepard. x

Sonya said...

OK Kitty, so what's going on here? Do you know I saw this picture of three books you love, and was astonished to see that they are my very own favourite three books...

Doo,do,do,do Doo,do,do,do..

My copies are dogg-eared, wine, Seasol and coffee-ring-stained, have been dropped, folded, lost, found, loaned, recommended and loved to DEATH.

Aint it great?!

Good for you.. would you mind if I follow your blog for a while?

~Sonya M.

Sam said...

I just read; Animal, vegetable, Miracle A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver and LOVED it.