Sunday, 14 June 2009

birthday & cottage inspirations...

It was the boys birthday today, so not much has been going on as far as crafting. I did make a little something for a pressie that I'll post later this week. I'm still going strong on the couch granny throw & I have a few more hottie covers to make this week too. I'm even working on a little how too for a lovely anonymous who commented on my visual diary cover that I made a while back. I've never done a tutorial, so please bear with me.
As far as the country schemes are going... here's some visual inspiration, I've been toying with lately. Since I've been thinking about this country thing for a while, these images unfortunately have been archived to my computer without links to their respective owners.
I'd just die for a pair of chairs like the above two, & the trunk is super awesome too.
Stacked crates... too good
Recycled jars & simple kitchen fitout.
Cute sink, not too practicle but they're not staying that long. Plus, that cabinet is awesome!
I love this patio. During the summer, this would be great.


Sam said...

I have dreams about siting on a patio like that. The crate shelves are great too.

katiecrackernuts said...

The crate shelves are fantastic and I like the sink in the bathroom. I lived in a house with sinks just like that. Good and deep.