Friday, 12 June 2009


The past few days have been really busy, in my mind that is. Lot's to organise for our new place, many lists being written & sketches being drawn.
Next weekend we'll be starting the big move, which we will space out over the next two months.

The cottage that we will be running as a B&B needs a bit of work to get it to our taste. That list includes building a wall, knocking out new doorways & sorting out the bathroom & kitchen areas. So our first weekend down there will be lots of measuring & pulling stuff down.
We want the cottage to have a vintage/40's/industrial/farmhouse look to it. So alot of my time has been spent thinking about the design & styling of the interior too.
I feel a little nervous to tackle such a project, but after studying interior design & decoration at uni, I'm sure my skills will jump in along the way. And lucky for me, Samuel is ace at building walls & other random handyman things. So between the two of us & the odd friend roped in along the way, we should have a blast.
I'll keep you posted along the way. Back to the lists & ideas, I go.
This is a little pic I drew last year when we first decided that we'd move to the country.
Such a simplistic ideal, a warm house with a vegie patch. We ended up getting a little more than that.


mixtapezine said...

B&B book me and Sime in when it's ready
All the best, what a wonderful project

Dana said...

how very exciting! the country is beckoning us, too. we look forward to using your B&B for a test run.. when are you moving? x

CurlyPops said...

It's going to be amazing. Make sure to take lots of 'in progress' shots. I love watching other peoples reno's.

Jodie said...

Busy, but soooo exciting!