Monday, 29 June 2009

a walk to the top...

I'm sure you're all getting sick of seeing pictures of the rolling hills of south gippsland. But all my crafting has been packed away, so there's nothing exciting to show you there. I'm absolutely so close to finishing both my granny blanket & the green & grey quilt. I'm just itching for some spare time to finish them. I'm already planning my next moves, projects galore in my head. Aaargh, it's killing me.
Anyway, in relation to the below pictures... we live on the top of a hill. But the next hill over is bigger & just great to walk up for some exercise, a good view & a lovely sunset. The dogs like it too.

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Christie said...

It looks so pretty, I just spent the last few days in Sandy Point- couldn't believe how much rain we got, the water tank was actually overflowing!

Loving seeing the pics of your new home :-)