Thursday, 23 July 2009

bread making adventures...

We're slowly working on setting up our little farm cottage. Hopefully it'll be up and running in the spring. We've started scouring the Gippsland countryside for suitable furniture to do the fitout. Some great stuff was scored at an auction last sunday & we've found a neat little town nearby with three antique stores.
The idea I have for the cottage is for me to supply homemade & local produce for the guests to prepare their own breakfast at their leisure. I'm thinking homemade baked beans & bread, eggs from our chickens, you know... yummy scrumptious sort of stuff.
I've wanted to make bread for ages & now I have found the perfect book. If you have always wanted to make bread too, then I strongly recommend it. I'm going to sound like a dag here, but this book has changed my life. I get so excited with each loaf that I make & there's long time kneading & no mess to clean up at the end either. Perfect!
Here's some documented proof of my endeavours.
The first loaf I did was a bit free form & it didn't rise very well either.
But it still tasted delicious.
I varied the recipe in the second batch, adding some wholemeal & cooking it in the pan.
This is my third batch that I had rising this morning. This will last into next week, making four loaves. I also made some naan to go with a curry & that too was super easy & so good.


Sam said...

We have been making bread from; Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for about 10 months and are totally addicted. We had some last night for dinner with some grilled zuchinni, yum.

Lisa said...

Your idea of a farm cottage sounds absolutely divine. All the very best. I agree with the bread making, it is so satisfying and that smell hmmmmm.

handmade romance said...

your cottage plans sound divine. and the bread is making me hungry, just i could smell it right now too! yummo!!