Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I have decided that crochet is much more suited to my personality than knitting is. I'm sure you all know the glorious attributes of the hook & yarn. My concentration levels can stay quite low, which means that I can crochet whilst chatting, in the car or in public. If a stitch falls... I know I can find my place again without going into panic overload. All this & the sheer ease of the hook add to a shorter project time.
Please don't get me wrong... I love knitting, but the crochet is winning in the polls at my house.
My recent crochet adventures have included... two granny blankets, a lacey scarf, lots of wrist warmers, two beanies (my own pattern, more on those later) & lots of dishcloths & face washers.
This washer was finished a few nights ago, infront of the fire. Yes infront of the fire... because it's still bloody chilly in these parts.

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Rie said...

I agree 100%.
Crochet is good for the soul!