Wednesday, 9 September 2009

our girls...

Well, I'm still here. Things have been a bit out of wack lately, so I'm still trying to fall back into a routine. I seem to have lost a little mojo & have barely used my camera this past week, although there is lots going on. I'll see how I go this week.
We finally got around to finishing the chook shed, Yay! So of course the chickens came next. We have four Isa Browns, which are an aussie hybrid. I really wanted to get some purebreeds, but had alot of trouble finding breeders in our area. I'm still on the lookout though.
The girls seem to enjoy scratching around in the yard. As long as they stay out of the vegie patch, I'll be quite happy. We have to check on them throughout the day to make sure the dogs are leaving them alone. Everynow & then we see the cattle dog slinking around the water tanks, eyeing them off. No damage yet, but I'm not taking any chances.

Here's the chook shed in all it's glory. It was already here when we moved in, we just altered it to suit the chooks. We cut in a door for them & made a ramp, On the other side we put in a big door for us & some nest boxes that can be checked for eggs from the outside.
It was all made with materials we found lying around the shed, all we bought was a couple of hinges. Gotta love that.


daylesford organics said...

Oohh, love a chooky photo. I get the whole pure bred thing but I do love the look of an Isa brown.

Jodie said...

Isa browns are beautiful !

Jo said...

I am hoping to get chooks as soon as I have somewhere for them to live. I was told Isa Browns are a good choice for laying. I hope the dogs stay away from your girls!