Sunday, 15 November 2009

lots to do...

There's so much to do on our little farmlet. Now that we've slowed down from our recent galavanting, we're making time for some simple chores. The glorious weather we've been having makes the tasks more enjoyable too. Today we were in the garden.
For the husband there was alot of mowing to be done, as there was at least an acre of grass that was almost two feet high. He also chainsawed a heap of dead branches for firewood & made a neat pile by the back door.
For me it was all about washing clothes & cleaning & a spot of gardening. I weeded a patch of our garden that was getting a little out of control. I still have half the patch to go, but I feel after putting down wet newspaper & mulch I am gaining the upper hand.
Two of the chickens kindly assisted me. After clearing out the base of the camelia, Lacey & Ruby felt it was the perfect opportunity to score some grubs. It was all going swimmingly until they decided to scratch up my freshly laid straw. I wasn't having a bar of that, so they were swiftly shooed away.
Was your sunday peaceful & rewarding too? I hope so.


pen said...

I love a pretty brown chook!

beck said...

Looks like a good productive weekend Kitty! I'm so excited as I have just been out to the letterbox and there was the parcel from you. You dear sweet thing. I love everything! the cute card(s), the buttons and bits, the gorgeous pin cushion (that will be put into use asap), the fabric, I even love the pretty heart paper bag. I feel like its my birthday, thankyou so, so much xo