Thursday, 19 November 2009


I've finished a few more stars, I now have enough for my little garland. Tomorrow I shall search for some ribbon or such to hang them from, as my stash is not offering up any inspiration. I quite like these little stars, perhaps I need to make some more... to adorn presents & perhaps a gum tree branch over christmas.
We've also had another delivery in the paddock. The second cow gave birth late last night & it is also super cute. I just can't get close enough to capture it on camera, she's evasive this one.
I've spent lots of hours under our big willow tree lately. It keeps quite cool under there & the breeze is lovely through the branches.
Here's a little belly shot, 19 weeks today! I felt the first strong kicks this morning too. I was lying in bed with a little weight on my tummy, when I felt 4 kicks in a row. I took the hint pretty quickly & rolled over. I could imagine it saying "Mum... you're squashing me!".
For some reason, the dogs always get in the photo too. We didn't make them sit there, they do it on their own accord. Funny boys.

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beccasauras said...

Great photo! Such a cute little tummy!