Saturday, 12 December 2009

yay for saturday...

Well I'm officially out of the grumps, so you can all come out from your hiding places... the crazy lady has stopped throwing things.
I'm excited today, because in a few hours three of my besties will arrive for the weekend. Lot's of food will be eaten & lots of belly laughs to be had too. Tonight we're cooking sicilian & two more friends will join us. I love dinner parties. Not in a fancy, doodah way. Just in a way where there's a few peeps & some yummy simple food. There will be three pregnant ladies at the table, one due on the 12th of April, me who's due on the 16th of April & the other is due on the 5th of May. I'm sure there'll be lots of belly comparing & I wonder which order the babies will come out in too.
I was out in the garden picking more rhubarb to stew & look what I came across. What a sweet little froglet. I bet he's enjoying this inclement weather we're having..

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