Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010... the year my collarbone broke...

There's nothing more aussie than a game of backyard cricket over the holiday season. There's lots of friends & family to join in the fun & you play all day until you're called in for tea. Or in this case, you play until the pregnant lady falls over.
Let me set the scene... it's new years day, 12 of our friends & family were camping out at our place & to celebrate, Samuel had mown a cricket pitch into our top paddock.
I think my first mistake was offering to have a bat. You see prior to this, I was sitting on the boundary line eating & rubbing my rather large belly... minding my own business really. I don't know quite what it was that made me go in... was I trying to prove my sporting prowess?, or was I wanting to give it a go, to feel like I had participated in all the day's events. Either way, perhaps it would have been safer on the boundary. Unfortunately, santa didn't bless me with foresight this christmas.
So I'm at the crease & the first ball comes hurtling towards me (well ok, maybe not hurtling... it was more like a casual overarm throw). Anyway, my hand-eye coordination kicked in & I hit the thing bloody hard. Awesome! Then I realised, this is the part where you run. Ok then. So I threw down the bat & started down the pitch. You see, what I seem to have forgotten was this: I'm 10 kilos heavier than usual, I'm rather lopsided (or lopfronted, really) & the ground is a tad uneven. I think I made it a third of the way, when all the sudden the ground was coming towards me (so it seemed). I was destined to fall flat on my front, when a last minute combat decision to protect the baby, saw me attempt an army roll & I landed on my shoulder instead. As I lay there, I knew it wasn't going to be good. I pushed myself up & announced that I felt something & heard something, then looked at my shoulder & said... that doesn't look right. And no, it wasn't right.
After a trip to the emergency, a touch of morphine & an xray, we were told the bad news. I had broken my collar bone, what I thought to have been two separate bones on the xray... was actually one snapped clearly in half. Ha ha, great! The bones specialist also informed me today, that not only did I do the collar bone... I managed to fracture my shoulder blade aswell. Awesome!
So now, I'm not allowed to do pretty much anything for the next 8 weeks. Which by that time, I'll be a full 8 months pregnant & not able to do too much anyway. All my crafty endeavours have been crossed right off the list... although drawing is still ok. Watch this space... you may just witness me losing my sanity. My wonderful friends have delivered parcels of books, dvds & food. Maybe I'll have to start writing book & movie reviews.
So yes, I'm bored like a crazy lady & driving my poor husband mad. I'm really not one to sit still & rest.
Apart from all the kerfuffle, new years was just fantastic. It was so nice to be surrounded by good friends & family, eating too much good food & having a great time.
I hope your festive season was cheerful, with no injuries.
Happy 2010!


Jodie said...

Oh No ! What can we do to help ?
I gues you will be reading blogs till the cows come home....
Happy to send you anything at all you need - I could lend you some sanity but I'd probablty need it back before i went back to work .

Seriously, Can I help at all?

CurlyPops said...

Oh my goodness - that's horrible! Maybe you could quickly add 500 more blogs to your google reader to try to pass the time.
I hope you're not in pain!

Kate said...

Oh Miss Kitty you poor thing! I hope the time goes quickly and that you are well looked after and pampered. I hope 2010 is a fabulous year as you guys go from being a couple to becoming a family. Much love. XX

pen said...

now be careful- when you break your collar bone your balance goes all wrong (don't I know it!)
you poor ol' thing! perhaps music will be your painkiller! listening to it not playing it!
even if you do go stir crazy perhaps you can spend the time resting in preparation for when you will long for a good nights sleep!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That's terrible news Kitty. I hope you find some activities to keep you sane.

I was just dropping by to say thank you for all the blogging you did about Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day. I bought a copy and I absolutely love it. It has changed my life too.

Bird Bath said...

oh dear! you take it easy now...that might be easier said than done. hope you find some comfort in the stillness.

Redneck Junkers said...

O Dear! What a good mum you are already, protecting your dear one and taking the hit. I will send up a prayer for a speedy recovery , good health and delivery for your sweet babe and, your husband retains his sanity!
Darlie of
the Redneck Junker

Evie said...

oh no! so sorry to hear. i do wish you a speedy and full recovery and by the way a big congratulations on the bub cant remember if i did post that somewhere before but its been a while since ive been over this way - sorry x