Monday, 15 February 2010

making jam...

Here's the Jam recipe I promised. We have a glut of white nectarines, but I think you could substitute any stonefruit. I was so unsure of how the jam was going to turn out, that I made such a small batch. I was also so nervous about it not setting, that I over cooked it a little & now it is a bit too set. Oh well, the end result is still delicious.
This recipe filled these two jars plus a little extra. There would have been a bit more if I hadn't reduced it down so much. Next time I shall definately double it.

Nectarine Jam
• 6 Cups chopped nectarines, not peeled
• 4 tbsp Lemon juice
• 3 Cups sugar

•Take a skillet and add nectarines, sugar and lemon juice.
•Simmer for about 30 minutes at low heat.
•Skim foam from the top of the fruit at the end of cooking.
•Put it into sterilized jars.
•After filling the jars, return it to a boiling water bath for about 10 minutes.

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