Tuesday, 23 February 2010

right now...

Pregnancy has done something funny to my brain & I'm stumbling over my words at the moment. So instead of attempting sentences & paragraphs, I'm opting for a more simplified post. I'm hoping this will be a little more coherent & perhaps easier to digest.
This is what I'm up to right now.

:: The Gourmet Farmer
:: loving this show.

Reading :: The Constant Gardener :: gathering gardening knowledge & inspiration

Making :: A colourful quilt & flannel nappies :: anything baby related

Eating :: Pakistani rice pilaf for dinner :: quite delicious

Feeling :: a little uncomfortable :: the baby is tucking his feet under my ribcage

Thinking :: about meeting our little man :: only 48 days to go

Hoping :: that a bear arrives in the post tomorrow :: this is he

Wondering :: what goodies I'll buy at amitie on friday :: it's sale time

Hearing :: little ducklings squeaking away :: very chatty those girls

Liking :: our new bedroom :: much cozier than the last one

Wanting :: to see all my mates :: I'll see them on saturday, yay

Playing :: with the ducklings in the sun :: so cute

Wishing :: my hairy cows to come sooner :: must wait until the 8th of march

Enjoying :: the company of my gorgeous husband :: I'm a very lucky girl

Coveting :: Hunter Wellingtons :: perhaps just a little out of my price range


Kate said...

A BOY!!!!! I didn't know. Enjoy the kicking, you'll miss it soon. I've just been googling Australian Hunter stockists, can't find any. Have fun with your man, you'll have to share soon. X

Susan L (lily40au) said...

nothing at all wrong with your brain ... it's just working n a different way.

48 days to go ... that is so exciting.

Tricia said...

I know what you mean about Hunter Wellingtons....I'd LOVE a green pair.

Enjoy waiting for your little one...

Drewzel said...

I am loving your countrified baby making blog...soo much.
And your duckies are adorable!!

PS. ooh a photo of a man with a hammer gets me going.