Wednesday, 17 February 2010

taste of summer...

What do you do with a huge bunch of delicious basil?
Well firstly, you make tomato bruschetta. Get some dense bread, cut it thick, toast it, rub it with garlic, drizzle with olive oil, top it with salt & peppered tomato, drizzle with more olive oil & some red wine vinegar & garnish with some basil. Simple & oh so tasty.
Secondly, make a big batch of pesto. I don't use a recipe for my pesto, I just add the below ingredients until it tastes good & has a nice consistency.
Basil, walnuts, parmesan, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt & pepper.
I used a little on some gnocchi for dinner & popped the rest in the freezer.
No pictures of pesto, because the gnocchi was gobbled up so quickly & a frozen container of pesto isn't very photogenic.

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Susan L (lily40au) said...

that looks so yummy ... I can smell the pesto. Darn ... I'm so hungry it must be lunch!