Wednesday, 30 June 2010

apples for cam...

Our dear Cam has been taken hostage again. This post is for her to help fight the boredom. Those bland white walls are pretty boring stuff, so I'm sure she's hopping away across blog land, visiting all her crafty friends.
Hello Cam! These apples are for you. We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I hope these do the trick.
They're fresh off the tree too. Not my tree. Some old fella's tree. He was lovely though, said he'd picked them himself too. Quite keen for an old fella pushing 80! They're super crisp & lovely & sweet. Not tangy at all. I think I'll make a crumble. I'd bring some to you if I could. I'm sure you're getting sick of hospital food.
Rest up sweet lady!


CurlyPops said...

Awww thanks Kitty. Green apples are my favourite. For some reason, my mum never ever bought red ones, and whenever we had apple trees in the yard, they were only ever green ones too.
There are no apples on the menu here, but I have been ordering apple juice. Maybe I could change the saying to an apple juice every day keeps the doctor away???
I'll be dreaming about apple crumble tonight...mmmmmm
Cam x

Christina said...

Poor Cam, I hope everyone's posts are helping to keep her occupied.

Yum, apple crumble. Mum gave me a new crumble recipe recently. Maybe I should give it a go.

I just wrote you a mammoth email! It's me that's been ill, not little Cohen. :)

teddybearswednesday said...

You are gorgeous Kitty. What a lovely thing to do. xo

Andi said...

You're a sweetie!
I'm sure this will really brighten Cam's day!

Nikki said...

How lovely of you!! I'm sure Cam would love some apple crumble... albeit of the virtual kind.