Friday, 18 June 2010

gratitude hill...

There's a walk that we take, up a hill near our home. It's the highest hill amongst all the hills in our area. From the top you can see along the south gippsland coastline to the hills of wilsons prom, over rolling green hills to mt buffalo, across phillip island to cape shanck & over french island to the dandenongs. Yep, you can see the whole lot up here.
There & back is 3.4 kms of dirt road. We manage to walk it at least three to four times a week. I'm slowly easing my body back into exercise, hopefully soon I'll be able to do it every day. It's not the hardest walk, but it's a decent slog up the hill. The way up is quiet, Samuel pushes Huckle in the pram & I focus on getting myself to the top. When at the top, we soak it all in & admire the beauty of where we live.
Walking along the plateau on the way back feels like we're on top of the world. I always feel a deep gratitude at this point. Grateful for my wonderful husband & our beautiful little Huckle. Grateful for our life in the hills, for our family & friends & the list goes on.
Everytime I'm up there, I have the same debate with myself. I feel very fortunate to be living my life the way I do & then I tell myself that it isn't a matter of fortune. My life is the way it is through the choices I have made. Falling into a pot of gold is fortune... living a life that fulfills you & makes you happy is something that you can create. It's nice to be reminded of this.
On the journey home, the air is filled with conversation. We share our thoughts & ideas & dreams for the future. We feel refreshed & energetic, physically & mentally.
This hill is my gratitude hill.
See where the patch of trees just there... take the left third of those trees & thats where live.


pen said...

gratitude hill is lovely
and amazing
and breath-taking

teddybearswednesday said...

This is a wonderful and special post Kitty, thank you.xo

Jo said...

Lovely pictures and words! Thanks for the reminder to be glad for the important things. I have been out in my garden this morning looking at the beautiful plants that are surviving in the cold weather.

Emma said...

You've given me many things to think about with this post Kitty, and I'm glad that you mentioned that the 'luck' you felt was actually design - you made your life this way, gold star to you x