Wednesday, 28 July 2010

3 months...

The little man turned 3 months on saturday. Here he is in all his chubby glory. I mean, how big are those cheeks! Hefty, huh?
He really is such a dear little guy. His sense of humour is just too wicked & can not be stopped. Those hands are constantly reaching out for something to hold & the next step of course is to put whatever it is in his mouth. He loves his bunbun & his moose, as these are easy to grab & make a great rattly noise. Many books are being read, high on rotation is 'ten little fingers & ten little toes', 'the very hungry caterpillar', 'the wombat diaries' & 'the tale of peter rabbit'. I think he likes them. There's alot of drool, so I take this as enjoyment.
He's been a bit out of sorts these past few days with a cold & some early teeth starting to give a little grief. The mama & the papa are a bit out of sorts too. The lack of sleep has slowed all the cogs & not much is going on up here on the hill.
We were blessed with a whole week of sleeping through the night last week. But this week I've seen at least 4am every night. Sunday night I saw 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30! Hence the train crash in my forehead.
Poor Baby Huckle, how terribly awful to feel so unwell & out of sorts. We're giving him lots & lots of cuddles & hoping that love will make him better.
I'm using the mantra 'this too shall pass' & knowing that tomorrow is a new day. Housework, crafting & anything else can always wait & somedays you just need to sit in front of the fire all day & do nothing but nap & care for the boy... I've had three of these days this week.
I'm trying not to get too frustrated about all the things that I could or should be doing, but everynow & then I get a little overwhelmed & catch myself out. So if you see me pulling my hair & looking a little stressed, just say "chillax Yule!" & I'll make sure I listen.


Sue said...

He is growing up so fast isnt he. My daughter used to always get a sort of head cold when she got teeth and she started at 5 mths! I used to smother her gums in bonjela as it soothed them somewhat. Hope your enjoying all the wonderful cuddles in front of the fire, it has been very cold lately!

pen said...

he's a beauty! those cheeks are just asking to be touched!
perfect weather to be lying low and just doing only the bare necessities
I hope you have had a little sun to warm your bones and that the bulbs are starting to push through the earth

Andi said...

Can't believe its been 3 months already!
He's growing beautifully.
Nice job M&D!!

Kirsty said...

Lovely little Huckle, happy 3 months little man.

teddybearswednesday said...

He is getting so adorable by the minute.
I think you are amazing the way you are handling it all, as a first time mother too. And you actually have every right to get a little stressy sometimes.
It will pass of course, but don't forget to take care of yourself somewhere in there too. xo

Emma said...

Your boy looks so much bigger than Hazel, she is a slip of a thing! Alas, she has been waking lots at night aswell, last night every 90 mins! Aaahh!

Christina said...

He's so cute! Happy three months!

And you Mama, sit back, relax and make the most of the sleeping on the couch! Nearly everything can wait. Make a list of things if you think you will forget them, then put the list in the drawer for later. :)

Cohen went through a phase of waking up at 4am every morning for months and I thought it would never end, then just as suddenly he slept through to 7am and has pretty much ever since.

Bellgirl said...

What a fine crop of hair for such a young man! He looks like Winston Churchill but with much more hair.