Sunday, 4 July 2010

vintage fabric...

Look what I pulled out of the box at vinnies! Isn't it cute.
It was in the form of a very daggy bassinet cover, with lots of lace & gathers. It was quite horrendous actually.
I snipped away & rescued these cute little critters. All up, there's about 3m by 30cm.
Can you tell me something... what are they meant to be?
Squirrels or chipmunks?
Now my head is filling with ideas to use the fabric. So many ideas! All being recorded into the visual diary of course. My memory is shocking at the moment!


Selina said...

Sooo cute! I think they're meant to be squirrels. Their tails are more fluffy, and chipmunks have stripes?? I think?! Anyway, whatever they are they're just gorgeous!

dixiebelle said...

So cute!! Oooh, make a wrap skirt, or a library bag!

Sonja said...

So cute! They are squirrels. Chipmunks don't have a tale. Have fun with it!