Thursday, 8 July 2010


For those of you suffering from Huckle withdrawal symptoms (that is his Nana & Auntie Melly). I have for you his latest mug shot.
The little hoodlum has been very cute lately.
He is such a chatterbox & always has a story to tell, especially during feeds.
We often have stare-offs too, where he stares at me until I smile & then he smiles back & laughs his head off. I try my hardest to keep a straight face while he's feeding, but I can't help smiling at him... he's just too cute.
His favourite sounds to make are mmmmbaaa, aaooooa & mmaaaaam. (Use your imagination here folks.)
He's worked out how to use his hands. Not only are they good for holding a favourite toy... they're also great for pulling mama's hair, ears, eyelids & nostrils. Also very good for shoving into the mouth, when going to sleep.

Every morning I prop him up on the pillows, while I get dressed. He sits there watching, smiling away. This is great, because it gets me out of my "I can't believe I am up this early, I'm not a morning person, the sun isn't even up yet, why can't I go back to sleep, aaaargh!" mood. (Did you get all that?).
This little man is the light of our lives. Everyday there is more love to give. Truly divine.


Sue said...

Ooh he looks like such a gorgeous happy boy! How wonderful for you to be able to share your life with such a wonderful little man. I think I would like mornings much better too if I had such an inspiration to be around too!

suze2000 said...

What a lovely post. More Huckle will always be welcome!

Your dogs are gorgeous too, BTW - I don't want to diminish them at all. :)

teddybearswednesday said...

thank you Kitty I was suffering Huckle withdrawls.
Now I feel much better xo

handmade romance said...

what a beautiful post.
love this pic of the two of you in your striped hoods! gorgeous x