Sunday, 22 August 2010

sunday morning...

I'm keeping the sentences short tonight. I'm a very tired mama. Sleep isn't what it used to be. Brain not what it used to be either.
Beautiful sunny sun visited today. Perfect weather for farm jobs. Or eating fish & chips by the bay. I did both. I fed the chooks & ducks their grains.
I guarded them from food snatching canines.
I checked for eggs. Ben barked at strange creature in dam. Strange creature is new duck house. Ducks haven't figured it out yet. Dam is a metre higher than autumn. So much rain here.
I wish I could get away with talking like this all the time. It really is so much easier. People might think I'm a little simple though. I promise to be back to my wonderfully descriptive self soon.
Hope your sunday was sunny also.


teddybearswednesday said...

Hope you get some rest and more energy soon, sweet girl.
Love your post and picks. xo

Jaclyn said...

rest up kitty, your pics of the farm looking lovely!

melski said...

lovely pics! i'm loving those little moments of sun, can't wait for more :)