Sunday, 19 September 2010

in the studio...

I'd love to be able to get out here more often; at the moment though, it's all about hangin out with Huckle & trying to keep my head above water with daily living. I don't think I can put off the housework for too much longer, but sometimes you just need to escape & do something crafty.
Here's a little snapshot of what I'm up to...
I'm halfway through a strawberry cushion, using this tutorial.
I'm playing with this gorgeous cone of silk. It was gifted to me by a friends mum, who brought it with her from adelaide.
I'm about to stitch a few hottie covers to cover two naked hot water bottles. My mum, sister & nephew are coming to visit next week. Considering they're coming from north queensland, they might possibly notice how bloody freezing it is down here. Maybe I can sew a belt onto the covers, so they can wear the hotties. Ha ha, now there's an idea!
Other than this, I've got at least ten works in progress... at least. One of these days they'll be finished. Ha, I don't really believe that. There'll always be projects on the go, some just take a little longer than others to see the finish line.
I hope your sunday is a happy one.


Jaclyn said...

sounds like a busy weekend - hope the warm weather heads down south soon for your family visit!

lady bird said...

Good idea with the water bottles!! and my life is a constant WIP but wouldnt have it any other way. Hope you enjoyed your visitors!