Friday, 10 September 2010


Hanging out with this boy.
He who thinks the tickling game is hilarious.
Who grabs his knees & studies his hands.
Who has the deepest baby laugh I've ever heard.
Who nuzzles into his hippo when going to sleep.
Who pushes out his bottom lip when he's had enough milk.
Who pulls the cutest little bulldog face when he's really cracking it.
Who laughs hysterically when the dogs chase the ball.
Who stares at me longingly when lying on his mat.
Who loves being read 'ten little fingers & ten little toes'.
He is the world to us.
& in much belated fashion, here is his four month photo. Taken a few weeks ago. We had to get a photo of him in this outfit for his great aunt. I think it's just a little too pretty for his chunky 9 kilo frame. He's so big! Four months old & already wearing some size one clothes. Mama's milk must be full of protein, all those eggs I eat.
Granny blanket opped for $4
Crocheted dragon made by Neens
Teddy bear by Jess

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Emma said...

Geezer, my Hazel is 5 months and only 6.9 kilos!!!! But she is tall, like her Dadda, and can screech the house down!

Sue said...

Oh he is such a happy gorgeous boy! It must be all the fresh country air and goodness at your place that has him growing so well.

lady bird said...

great photos and memeories! Frankie is on the verge of her first belly laugh we can almost get her but at the same time I think she gets a little scared by the sound of her own voice!

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm totally loving this post. GORGEOUS!! hehe love the bulldog face idea.

Jaclyn said...

Oh he is too precious for words! Love your posts and your comment yesterday was brilliant – I am totally going to try the hand on the shoulder, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before…thanks for the tip and saving me from even more embarrassing moments! x

Jgee said...

Oh, what a sweetie pie. My little man is 6 months, such a lovely age where they really start engaging and interacting with the world. We've just conquered sitting up unaided this week, quite the milestone! Thanks for the lovely, smiley photos, I'm sitting here with a grin on my face.

the chirpy bird said...

Oh my goodness.... he just couldn't be any more adorable! Gorgeous gorgeous boy not to mention those beautiful knits..
xo tash

Catherine said...

by gosh, he's gorgeous! and so happy!

Jelly Wares said...

Great photos, I can see why you love spending time with that gorgeous boy..

Jodie xx

Betsy B said...

Oh my! My featherweight lad is 8 months and weighs a couple of kilos less than your cute little man!

Anonymous said...

Ow...thats my uterus being pulled when I see such sweet pictures like this. Makes me want another one! Too cute.