Wednesday, 15 September 2010

sunshine & bonfires...

Let's pretend we've just met & have nothing else to talk about but the weather.
Come on now, indulge me a little.

Yesterday was divine. The sun shone, there was a hint of warmth upon my back & the gentle breeze seemed mildly refreshing. Yes, spring was here. Note the past tense... because today it was not here at all! Freezing, windy, rainy & ok, the sun did come out for a little while, but do you think it did anything. No way! My washing is still on the line, all soggy & limp. It represents how I felt this morning, hence the need to stand just inches away from the fire most of the day. The inside fire that is, not the big bonfire pictured below.
Samuel spent a good part of yesterday out in the top paddock. Slowly building it up & watering it down, when things were getting ferocious. Turns out there was a bunny burrow underneath the pile, I do hope they were out for the day.
Don't forget, if you're the type who salivates over lovely faded vintage sheets... get yourself over here & do the deed! You'll be in the nick of time.
The barrel shall be spun at 3pm sharp thursday afternoon. No rainchecks.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

This Spring sure is a tease. I'm waiting for a run of sunny warm days. Hanging out for it.

Christina said...

I miss the cold nights already. The Gold Coast is in full Spring mode. We've been looking at houses to buy closer to the City, and some of them have fireplaces. I wonder how many times a year they are used, as we don't even own a heater?