Sunday, 10 October 2010

it's time to be thrifty...

We took a drive yesterday, to pick up the highchair I had bought on ebay. A whole dollar it cost me! Can you believe it? It's seriously the biggest bargain. It's a bit old & needs a new tray fashioned up (a job for the husband), but it's wooden & solid which is exactly what I was after.
Did you know October is the month to buy nothing new? The Salvo's are promoting buying second hand & have put out the challenge to the good folk of Australia to buy second hand goods for the month of October.
We've taken the challenge, it wasn't hard for us to do. Our beliefs & limited budget mean that we already purchase what we can second hand. I find it hard to justify spending lots of money on new things, I guess I find older items more to my aesthetic too. We managed to furnish Huckle's nursery with cute vintage furniture for less than $200. Throughout the rest of the house, you'll be sure to find lot's more thrifted goodness. I know it's not to everyone's taste, but we like it.
I'm always on the lookout for a good find, whether it be furniture, vintage sheets, crockery or reel to reel players (for the husband). Everytime we go into town (not Melbourne town, just good old Wonthaggi) I pop into the oppies. We've also scored well at the tip shop & the local trash & treasure markets. If you're ever down this way, the Grantville market is full of treasure. It's on the fourth sunday of the month. There's the Kongwak market too, now that I think of it. It's on every sunday. Try the dahl at the Kongwak market, it really is delicious.
Above are some of my recent finds. 1950's interior decorating book $5, pyrex lidded dish 50c, wooden geometric puzzle $8 & old crate $1. Most of these have no purpose but to be decorative & make me smile. The crate has a definite purpose though, it holds the umbrellas.
Well, here's to a great week & a thrifty month. I'll be back with more finds later on in the week. Til then.


bec said...

Ha, I can't beleive the book was more than the Pyrex dish! Those dishes are the bomb! And yep, I agree, if it's not 2nd hand I probably don't need it (except for food haha)

Anonymous said...

ahh I have a book like that one. It's gold. Some great bargains you have scored there.