Sunday, 31 October 2010

right now...

The weekend so far has been lovely & relaxing. We've been pottering about inside, while the rain falls steadily. Yesterday we had a tasty lunch at a local farm & took a drive through the hills. There's been lot's of hook action & tea drinking too & so much more...
Hearing :: the rain beat down on our roof :: a gentle & comforting rhythm

Watching :: an old Kirk Douglas movie, Lust for Life :: about Vincent van Gogh

Reading :: the creative family, by soulemama :: it's so nice to read my beliefs in another persons words
Making :: a crocheted baby blanket :: among other things to one day soon stock my little store

Eating :: apple & sultana loaf for breakfast :: tasty & healthy

Feeling :: pretty good :: the usual fogginess has taken a holiday for the weekend

Thinking :: about the hairy cows that escaped into next doors paddock :: to hang out with the hot hereford mama's one can only assume

Hoping :: that my bestie will visit next weekend :: please ragsie, do come

Wondering :: if our vegie patch will ever be finished :: maybe when it stops raining

Liking :: endless cups of tea :: especially on days like today

Wanting :: to snuggle up in bed for the day :: I think I'll give this a try
Playing :: with photographs, colour & wool :: so many ideas

Wishing :: for the summer :: to be bathed in the warm glow of the sun, slathered in sunscreen of course

Enjoying :: the company of my gorgeous boys :: they make the days bright

Coveting :: salt water sandals :: the last time I liked sandals this much I was 5, I just won't wear them with socks now that I'm all grown up

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend & for the victorians, a lovely long weekend.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oh I love your little colour palettes in your sketchbook. So pretty.

Christina said...

Lots of loveliness at your house. Amanda's book is great, isn't it? I'm thinking of curling up with a book in a minute. Still reading Bill Brysons 'At Home' and loving it. Mr Cohen has a fever and was up early this morning. He's gone down for nap already, instead of waiting until after lunch as he usually does. So I think a rest for Mama is in order so that I am all refreshed and ready for extra cuddles later.


fairchildstreet said...

Visiing from The Design Files. Love the colour mood boards, great idea. Charmaine

Anonymous said...

sounds like a perfect weekend that you had. I have just 'discovered' crochet. endless possibilities.
Love the colour palettes.