Wednesday, 17 November 2010


A good friend & her mum came round today. They brought cake, made soup for lunch & made me some meals for my freezer. I now have 5 dinners worth of food, ready at my command.
There was barley soup, apple cake, chickpea stew, scarecrow pie & a fresh loaf of bread of course. It's all very simple homestyle food, made with love to nourish the body & soul.
I feel so lucky to have Tash & Lola in my life. To have their support, friendship & love means so much. Sitting in the kitchen with tea & cake, whilst the Huckle napped, was such an amazing experience. Stories were shared, discussions were had & I learnt so much from these two amazing souls.
The sense of community I get from my family & friends is at times overwhelming. I feel so blessed. Thank you.
This goes to you too, reading this post right now. Thank you too.
On days like today, I feel I could do anything.


Sarah said...

such special friends...all that food sounds delicious! Your roses and walk in the mist sounds so relaxing.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh , what special lovely friends. But you totes deserve it xo